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An example of this is if you are a victim of a natural disaster and then have to deal with the loss of loved ones, belongings, and pulling your life back together.

Teens will often begin experimenting with risky behaviors due to peer pressure.

Be healthy to feel confident, look great, and take care of your body!If you are part of a study, the tech may present you with a stimulus that causes some level of anxiety for you.This could be presenting you with something that you have a phobia of or making you do something you don't feel comfortable doing.share Preventive Health Screenings for Women Be proactive about your health by staying on top of necessary screenings and health care visits.Find out what medical appointments you should be making today. Nearly half of American men and women under 60 are infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV), putting them at risk for certain cancers, federal health officials reported Thursday.

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