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Like the industry’s topmost, the list remains paler than a Gold Coast co-op board and more phallocentric than a commercial real estate C-suite: The list is over 95 percent white males.There’s nothing The chief executive of chief executives has come to dominate an era in real estate when government largesse means the difference between deals and no deals. —the feds’ breathlessly watched efforts to loosen credit markets and therefore get capital moving here and around the globe places this Chicagoan securely Owner of the Time Warner Center and now the designated developer of the 26-acre West Side rail yards, Mr.

There is also a roof made for hosting parties with bands and Ping-Pong tables.In her remarks to the crowd Burnett thanked her fiance for being there (much to the surprise of a number of people standing in our vicinity).The lucky mystery man was in attendance, however, Burnett has apparently managed to remain tight-lipped enough about it that no one knew who he was exactly or what he did.A few months ago, he told the , “Sometimes one sees writers just standing before it, like early hominids in front of a monolith.” But on the day I first visited the office, in late July, there was no one standing before the board, and, in fact, there was nothing the board. Since our last list, in May 2008, New York devolved from a city of infinite victory and possibility to one of survival and recrimination. Toward the top are money (emphasis on men—only 12 women on the list), and New York’s firmly established surnames, those likeliest to withstand the recession: the Macks, Milsteins, Feils, Fishers, Malkins, Roses and Walentases all debut.

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