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But I need to make the username field of the createuserwizard unchangeable.I am using VS 2012 and created the project from a ...Our IT staff wants to remove SMTP access from the website layer and have all emails from the website be sent by making a web service call to an internal service which will then send the email directly ... NET standard Create User Qizard the On Created User gets called and redirects you after the user is created.I am using Membership provider to deal with user registration and logging to the website. However I need to run some code before the user is ... NET makes it super easy for your users to sign up for an account.

I've inserted this User Control in a Create User Wizard step set to Auto (so it defaulted to a Finish step).

The next section explains why this happens, and how to solve it.

If you want full control over the markup generated by the . The easiest one is to simply delete the code that renders the security question and answer from your HTML.

In the never ending quest to create web applications that are more functional, responsive, and user-friendly, ASP.

NET 2.0 has added a multitude of new server controls to help us achieve those goals.

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