Consolidating warehouse

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT CONSOLIDATED WAREHOUSE with questions on how we can store or move your goods through Central Maine.Recent proposals to restructure the logistics infrastructure for wholesale grocers and retail supermarket chains offer the possibility of cutting inventory throughout the supply chain while reducing costs and improving productivity for distributors.Wholesale grocers and retail chains, in turn, store product in their own warehouses until it is ordered by stores, at which time it is handled again in almost exactly the same manner as it was handled in the manufacturer's distribution center.Product in wholesale distribution centers falls into two categories — fast moving items in constant demand by stores and slow-movers that sell consistently, but at a slow pace and low volume.

The following are three chief areas in which automation enables effective warehouse consolidation and centralization.Some of the slow-movers sell at the rate of less than a pallet load per week at fairly active wholesalers.The result is that most wholesale distribution centers contain excess inventory.After a period of economic downturn, many companies are beginning to recover and experience business growth again.While some warehousing organizations believe the next logical step in growth is to expand and establish new sites, others are realizing that less is actually more by consolidating and centralizing operations.

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