Are police uniforms intimidating

Professor Sabina Burton tells Wisconsin Watchdog that UW-Platteville Police Chief Joe Hallman confronted her on her way to class last week.

She said the encounter quickly turned from introduction to intimidation. She told the chief that she was on her way to class and Hallman asked to walk with her. Hallman told Burton he had read Wisconsin Watchdog’s investigative stories on allegations of misconduct and retaliation at the southwest Wisconsin university.

They are seen as a branding opportunity and a way to enforce gender rules - girls in dresses, boys in trousers.

It’s the latest chapter in what has been described as a criminal justice department with a “troubled and troubling past.” POLICE REPORT: UW-Platteville Professor Sabina Burton claims her recent encounter with the university police chief is just the latest incident in a long line of campus intimidation and retaliation she has experienced since 2012.

I won't pretend to like school uniforms, but I can understand why some people do.

The uniform is supposed to make everyone equal, and prevent "competitive dressing". Instead, uniforms are used to control and intimidate.

ABSTRACT: The primary purpose of this study was to begin an examination of the relationship between public perception and the number of attachments on external protective vests worn by law enforcement.

A secondary purpose was to examine perceptual differences between non-law enforcement majors and law enforcement majors.

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