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In our era of satellites and GPS, we’re not necessarily exploring the edges of civilization, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our sense of discovery – far from it – we just have more gadgets, like the Google Trekker.The Trekker project opened our eyes to the bounty of trails within a day trip of our homes.

Ellis excused herself, walked past the hand-carved African masks decorating her living room walls, and coolly viewed the scene from her porch."As a black professional," Ellis said later, "you have to be willing to be very adventurous." Ellis, 42, the director of publicity at the University of Tennessee, lives in Norris, where other black faces are scarce. The white neighbors, to the right of her split rail wooden fence, are farmers.Those across the road run the Museum of Appalachia, a storehouse of hillbilly memorabilia.Alycia Lane, co-anchor of the evening news on CBS affiliate KYW-TV stands accused of punching a female cop in the face.BILL HEMMER, GUEST CO-HOST: That's the acquisition out there: Lane is the same TV anchor who made headlines back in May for emailing racy photos of herself to a married sports caster, Rich Icen.

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